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Required Documents
Visa Application
  • Visas are valid from the date they are issued, for a period of 90 days before the date of entry to Lebanon .
  • The validity of residence ranges from 15 days to six months from the date of entry  to Lebanon.
  • Visas cannot be issued on passports bearing Israeli stamps, visas, or seals.
  • A Lebanese Visa is rendered invalid if the passport was subsequently stamped with an Israeli visa or seal.


  1. Original passport and one photocopy with UAE residency page. (Both residency and passport for at least 6 months.).
  2. One passport size photo.
  3. No objection letter from the sponsor mentioning the reason of the visit and ( the salary should be mention or salary certificated).
  4. Copy of the trade license for resident partners or traders .
  5. a- Invitation letter from Lebanon mentioning the purpose of the trip ( if the visit is for business) .
    b- Hotel booking ( if the visit is for tourism )
  6. Bank Statement for the last three months.
  7. Round trip ticket for tourism.
  8. Fees: a- 325 DHS for one entry
  9.          b- 460DHS for two entries
             c- 645 DHS for multiple entries.
List of countries who are granted at the aiport or country borders
  • The passports of Citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council (Saudi Arabia – Kuwait – United Arab Emirates – Bahrain – Qatar – Oman), in addition to the Jordanian citizens holding a National Number on their passports who are coming for the purpose of tourism as well as their family members, domestic workers and drivers escorting them should be stamped with an entry stamp at the airport and borders center :


  • Azerbaijan Argentina Armenia Australia Andorra Antigua and Barbuda Austria Barbados Bahamas Brazil Belgium –  Bulgaria Bhutan Belarus Belize Croatia Canada Cyprus Chile China Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic Estonia France Finland Greece Germany  Hungary Hong Kong Ireland Iceland Italy Japan Kyrgyzstan Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Latvia Malta Malaysia MacedoniaMexico Moritania Moldovia Monaco Montenegro Macau Norway  Netherlands Newzealand Panama Portug Poland Peru Russia Romania San Marino Slovakia Slovenia Singapore Sweden Switzerland Serbia South Korea Saint Kitts and Nevis Samoa Spain Turkmenistan Turkey Tajikistan Uzbekistan Ukraine United Kingdom United States Of America Venezuela - Iran- Paraguay.


  • The citizens of Arab countries other than GCC nationals and the following African countries visiting Lebanon for tourism :
    Algeria Comoros  Island Yemen Egypt Morocco Somalia Sudan Tunisia Iraq / Cote D'ivoire - Nigeria - Ghana. If the following conditions are fulfilled:
    - A two-way non-refundable ticket.
    - A hotel reservation or a clear and complete residential address with a telephone number.
    - The passenger is to be holding 2000$ cash.
List of countries who are granted a visa through the consulate general

Applicants should be holding a valid UAE residence visa.

Citizens of: Angola – Benin – Bangladesh – Bolivia – Bosnia -Botswana – Burkina Faso – Burundi – Cameron – Costa Rica – Colombia – Chad – Central African Republic – Djibouti – Democratic Republic of Congo – Ethiopia – Ecuador – Eritrea – Fiji – Gabon – Guyana – Gambia – Guinea – Granada – Indonesia – India – Kenya – Liberia – Mauritius – Mozambique – Malawi – Male – Madagascar – Mauritania – North Korea – Nambia – Nicaragua – Paraguay – Pakistan – Philippines – Rwanda – South Africa-Saint Lucia – Sierra Leon – Seychelles – St Vincent and The Grenadines – Salvador – Srilanka – Surinam – Tanzania – Thailand – Taiwan – Trinida&Tobago – Uganda – Vietnam – Zambia – Zimbabwe - Kazakhstan- Libya.

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