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Power of Attorney
Required Documents
Power of Attorney Application


  • Fill out the Application Form (Power of Attorney Application).
  • The principal must be present with proper identification such as an original Lebanese passport or original Lebanese I.D. Card or an Extract of Civil Status (Ikhraj Kaid)
  • Full address and telephone number of the principal in the UAE.
  • Full name of the representative in Lebanon, date and place of birth and civil register number
  • For Real Estate matters: the original deed of property or a registry certificate (ifada 3ikariya) must be presented.
  • For vehicles: a copy of the vehicle license, year, plate number and serial number of the engine and chassis.
  • For bank accounts: The bank’s address and account number.
  • For Marriages and Divorces: Full names and religious affiliation and the relevant competent authorities.



  • General Power of Attorney: 370 Dhs  /Signature.
  • Special Power of Attorney: 185 Dh/ Signature.
  • Commitment / Taahod Ikrar 460 Dhs / Signature.
  • Will : 460 Dhs / Signature.
  • Concessions  / Tanazol : 280 Dhs / Signature.
  • Cancellation of Power of Attorney :280 Dhs ./Signature.


  • For a special power of attorney the applicant can send the text as a word document on our email address
  • Powers of Attorney affecting real estate are only valid for a five year-period.
  • An Original deed of property or original recent "Ifada 3ikariya" is required to prepare or legalize a power of attorney affecting real estate.
Types of Power of Attoneys
  • General Power of Attorney


  • Special Power of Attorney


  • Judicial Power of Attorney


  • Power of Attorney  for selling Real Estate


  • Power of Attorney  for establishing Companies


  • Power of Attorney  for Banking purposes


  • Power of Attorney  for managing Real Estate


  • Power of Attorney  for selling vehicle


  • Special Power of Attorney  for General Security and Ministry of Labour


  • Power of Attorney  for issuing or renewing passports for minors


  • Divorce Power of Attorney


  • Marriage Power of Attorney


  • Power of Attorney  revocation


  • Resignation from Power of Attorney
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