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Lebanon is much appreciated for its cuisine, which is among the most varied and savory in the world.

Above all, Lebanese food is associated with the mezze, a spread of innumerable small dishes that form the traditional opener to a meal. Carefully decorated, wisely seasoned, these delicacies are a pleasure to the eye as well as to the palate.

Among the most essential mezze dishes are homos (purée of chick peas and sesame paste), moutabal (eggplant and sesame paste dip), tabboule (a salad of parsley, tomatoes and crushed wheat), warak arish (stuffed vine leaves), labne (strained yogurt seasoned with olive  oil and garlic), fattoush (green salad with dried bread), samboubssek (hot cheese pastries), Kebbi (finely ground  meat with crushed wheat and flavorings), and many more.

Next comes the seafood or grills – lamb kababs, chicken brochettes or kafta (ground meat with parsley).

The diversity of the cuisine knows no limits. It also includes many complex dishes with a sophisticated blend of flavors such as kebbi b’labnieh (meat balls in a sauce of yogurt) and moujaddara (purée of lentils with rice and onion), sayyadieh (slices of fish accompanied by rice and an onion sauce) and much else.

The meal is traditionally accompanied by arak, the national drink of distilled grape juice flavored with anis. Or you can select one of the excellent local wines.

For dessert the choice extends to exotic fruit such as dates, sweet lemons, mangos, pineapple or persimmon. Or try some local pastries with pistachios or white cheese, or perhaps oriental ice cream with its own special perfume.

You can also try white coffee (an infusion of orange-flower water) or a cup of strong Turkish coffee.

If you are in a hurry, stop at one of the many sandwich shops scattered in every Lebanese village and town.
Typical Lebanese fast food includes mankouché (pizza with thyme and olive oil) and lahme bi ajine (pizza with lightly spiced ground meat and tomato), or perhaps a sandwich of falafel (purée of breaded beans) or shawarma (thin slices of marinated meat usually garnished with fresh vegetables, pickles and a sesame oil sauce).

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