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Qadisha The Holy Valley

The holy valley of Qadisha, the refuge of hermits and patriarchs in the early centuries of this era, lies at the foot of the picturesque village of Bsharreh and within easy reach of the famous Cedars of Lebanon.

Classified as a world Heritage Site by UNESCO, this deep gorge is like a primeval paradise. Above are cliffs where trees dig their roots into the limestone. The precipitous rock is riddled with caves and water-carved formations. Water, in fact, is everywhere, rushing down in falls or coming up at roadside springs. Ancient monasteries carved into these cliffs have become part of this site’s natural beauty.

The serenity of Qadisha, fragrant with wild flowers and aromatic plants, makes it a peaceful haven that even today deserves the name << holy valley >>. Here, you’ll find nearly inaccessible hermitages, caves and cave monasteries that were used by various religious communities fleeing persecution.

At the monastery of Qozhaya is a printing press dating from 1871, a reminder that this was the site of Lebanon’s first printing press, imported in the 16th century.

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